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3-18-24 - I only have a few openings available for new patients via telehealth at this time. I am not currently accepting any new psychological evaluation referrals and do not have any in-person counseling appointments available at this time.

About My Personal Style:
I'm an empathic listener offering you a safe sounding board and nurturing validation. This acceptance can help motivate you to prioritize goals, use healthy coping skills to self-soothe, balance mind-body connections, & guide personal change. My style helps clients to increase their positive experiences, gratitude, hope, and resilience which often translates into improved mental health. I believe many clients benefit from guidance to tap into their own strengths, talents, and inner wisdom. Often, clients learn skills such as: mindfulness, reframing negative thoughts, setting healthy boundaries, changing unhelpful thinking patterns, assertive communications, habits to enhance relationship satisfaction.

About My Therapy Methods and Techniques:
My therapy techniques involve flexibility, cooperation and collaboration to transform your outlook, moods, habits, and relationships. I offer CBT, DBT, ACT, walk and talk in nature, animal-assisted, behavioral, and art-music-somatic therapy depending on your preferences & needs. I also have experience in EMDR and EFT therapy modalities. I have taken Levels 1, 2, and 3 of Laurel Parnell's Attachment-focused EMDR and am a member of the Parnell Institute's directory of trained therapist members. I have more than 20 years of experience providing compassionate client-centered counseling and continue to enhance my learning and training.

Taking small steps to change your thoughts & actions, you can transform your life & relationships. My clients can expect to gain hope, validation of feelings, strength to take steps forward to heal from unresolved childhood issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, and grief. I help guide clients to change core negative beliefs, replace them with healthier beliefs, develop healthy coping skills and habits, learn & practice ways to improve overall well-being & functioning.

*I am not an MD and cannot prescribe medications. I am licensed in CA and DE but am only accepting CA patients at this time.

About Insurance, Client Portals Electronic Records and Billing:
If you would like to verify private medical insurance coverage prior to appointments and set up credit card profile for copayments, please go to Headway Provider portal. Please verify that Headway can process your insurance with me at provider info & insurance verification.  I also accept Cencal and some EAP programs that may not be listed with Headway Provider.

Most Telehealth and in-person appointments, consents, releases of information, electronic health records, and any homework assignments for reading or journaling will be maintained using Simple Practice patient portal.

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