The following assistive apps are not replacements for professional mental health advice. Please consult a medical provider before making any health-related decisions. Copied from web site. 

Anxiety apps

CalmCalm focuses on relaxation, meditation, and sleep. Their library includes a number of sleep stories, sleep music, lessons and masterclasses in meditation, as well as soothing nature sounds.Download: AndroidiOS
DARECreated as a companion to the book by the same name, DARE is an evidence-based app that aims to help people overcome panic attacks, worry, insomnia, and anxiety.Download: AndroidiOS

Depression apps

SanvelloBased on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Sanvello helps you find relief from anxiety, depression, and similar mental health concerns. Daily mood tracking gives insight on how to assess your moods, track health activities, and identify patterns.Download: AndroidiOS
YouperYouper was founded by doctors and therapists. You begin with a free mental health assessment. Once completed, you’re able to speak with a psychiatric provider through a video call to evaluate your needs and the best course of action.Download: AndroidiOS

Substance abuse apps

I Am SoberThe sobriety tracker app I Am Sober allows you to track your sober days, build new habits, and provide ongoing motivation through a wide network of people who are working one day at a time toward staying sober.Download: AndroidiOS
SoberToolSoberTool rewards you for the time you’ve remained clean. The app offers quick daily notifications filled with motivational messages and reminders. Use their search engine to type in how you feel and receive suggestions to help you work through those feelings.Download: AndroidiOS

Eating disorder apps

Recovery RecordRecovery Record is designed for those recovering from eating disorders which include bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, ARFID, and anorexia nervosa. The app is available for self-help use and can also be linked up with a treatment team through the companion clinician app.Download: AndroidiOS
Rise Up + RecoverRise Up + Recover was created to easily record meals, behaviors, and emotions for people who struggle with food, body image, dieting, and exercise. There is also a focus on relieving depression and anxiety that can accompany eating disorders.Download: AndroidiOS

Bipolar disorder apps

eMoodseMoods helps people track their symptoms relating to bipolar disorders and other mental illnesses. The app identifies patterns and triggers while helping you prevent relapses.Download: AndroidiOS
MedisafeMedisafe aims to take the stress out of managing complex prescriptions. The app sends personalized reminders for each of your medications. It will also warn you of negative drug interactions if you have multiple prescriptions.Download: AndroidiOS

Autism spectrum disorder apps

HabiticaHabitica is a task manager that empowers you to “gamify your life.” The app turns daily tasks and to-dos into quests that level up your Avatar. In-game rewards and “punishments” are used to empower you to achieve your daily goals.Download: AndroidiOS
MindMeisterMindMeister will have you generating, organizing, and prioritizing all of your thoughts into one easy-to-see mind map. MindMeister is a great app for those who prefer visualizing their plans, decision-making processes, and creative ideas.Download: AndroidiOS